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Extraordinary Maintenance

Dear DreamcastRO users, aiming towards bring you a better experience we will restart our server at 5:30PM GMT +6.

This maintenance will not take any time since we will just restart the server and the improvements are all server sided so it will not affect your experience.

We all thank you for be with us, much love, dRO STAFF.

by dRO Team on 2018-10-04

Latest Client Update

Dear Dreamcast users, we would like to introduce the new dual client experience for you.

Hey don't worry we all know this ain't really a "new" thing, but we all sure that will bring new oportunities to improve your experience in-game to make your journey way more enjoyable.

From everyone in DreamcastRO staff, much love.

by dRO Team on 2018-09-26

Valkyrie's Calling Event Ends

Dear Players,

We would like to inform you that the Valkyrie's Calling event will end within 7 days started from today.

Kindly note that the server fixed rates will be as follow:

Experince rates: Base /Job EXP x3

Normal Drops rates: x5

Boss drops rates: x2 & cards drops x1


Have Fun

by dRO Team on 2018-09-24

Dual Client Poll

Hey we from DreamcastRO staff want to hear from you, so please take a minute to answer this quick poll about the dual clients.


by dRO Team on 2018-09-22


Dear All,

We would like to announce that we implemented the



1- Each Player will be able to Referral two friends to play in the server, But will be able to refer once  at a time. Will not be able to refer two friends at one time.

2- Same IP will not be able to start this event.

3- Old player & New Player need to reach level 60 to be able to get the rewards.

4- To be able to start this event. New player will need to talk to the Referral NPC, and write down the old player name correctly.

5- When both player are level 60. The new player will have to do full re-log ( alt + f4). Then new play will be able to get the rewards.

6- After the new player received the rewards. The old player will need to do full re-log ( alt +f4), to be able to get the rewards.

We hope the explanation are very clear, and if you have any question please post at forum and we will reply to you.

Have Fun & Enjoy.

by dRO Team on 2018-09-19


Deal All,

Freebies will be 7 Coins. Players will be able to use these coins to purchase rental items. The freebies will be only ones for each charecter, and can not be trade, drop, put in storage.etc

To get your freebies. You will have to go to South of prontera fountain, you will see the freebies and rental NPC.

Note: Old freebies NPC will be reseted. Therefore all players will be able to get the new freebies.

Have Fun

by dRO Team on 2018-09-14

Valkyrie's Calling

The Goddess Valkyrie went down to Midgard, to bless us with the power of wisdom. Since the skies opened to her glory and she landed at Yuno, some few feathers that dropped from her glorious wings flew through Midgard.
And bless the land, since then all monsters has been leaving more loot, brining more fortune to the kingdom of Midgard.

Join us at this fantastic moment of glory and enjoy the x10 increased drop rate of normal monsters.

by dRO Team on 2018-09-11

Hotfix In -Game

Dear Members,

Kindly note that we solved the issue with PVP warper & Mail system.

1- PVP warper will send you to your current saved location

2- You can send and recived mail by using the mail option that is located under the player menu.


by dRO on 2018-09-10

Episode 9.0 Monsters spawn maps

Dear All,

kindly note that we corrected monsters spawns in all Fields & dungeons maps.

You may use the in -game navigation system & world map to find any monster you want. You can find the navigation system and world map at the player menu.

Please if you notice any issue related to this correction, please let us know by reporting to us using the forum.

by dRO on 2018-09-07

Grand Opening day: 7th September 2018

Dear All,

We will start an event during our Grand Opening day: 7th September 2018.

Event is: Race to The Max. The fiest players reach level 99 will be rewords with vip account option. VIP will give buff ingame for  increase exp & drops by x2 from the normal user.


To join the event: you need to create a new character on the Grand Opening day: 7th September 2018.



1st place: 90 Days VIP account buff

2nd Place: 60 Days VIP account buff

3rd place: 30 Days VIP account buff

postions from 4th to 100: 10 Days VIP account buff.

Importante note: The first three who reach 99 will recives an extra reword. A very surprising gift!!

Have fun.

by dRO on 2018-09-06

Ninja/Gunslinger in-game items

Dear all,

Please note that we removed all Weapons/Equipment that are related to Ninja & Gunslinger jobs.

Incase if we missed any items, please inform us via forums.


by dRO Team on 2018-09-04

Hotfix In -Game

Dears Members,

Please note that at 9pm tomorrow, we will implement some updates to the server, so we will have to restart the server. The server will be back online at 9:05 pm. Things that been fixed in the game

1- removing npcs, items, monsters that are not related to the current server episode which is 9.0

2- corrected words translation.

3- corrected ingame time. Server time is gmt +6.

If there is any ingame issues please let us know by reporting to us using our forums.

Thank you all & Have fun.


by dRO on 2018-09-02

Episode Updates

Dear All,

Please note that the current Episode is 9.0 without Rebirth jobs.



by dRO Team on 2018-09-01

Open Beta Started

Dear all,

Open Beta for one week, started from yesterday 31 August 2018 to 6 September 2018.

Kindly note that, this Beta testing is mainly for stability testing, and we have no intintion on wipe the server. Incase of unexpected error or bugs in -game, we will just do server rollback to solve the issue if it happen.

Please dont forget to use our forums. you can find it unuder social in our website.

Have Fun

by dRO Team on 2018-08-31