Dive right into Dreamcast RO

STEP 1 - Download

Download the Full Client, and be ready to get the best experience of the ragnarok once again.
It's all in the client, just sit down, juice up and RÖK!

Size: 2.262 MB or 2.26 GB

DreamcastRO_FULL - Google Drive | DreamcastRO_FULL - Mega

Hey, we have a lite client if you have latest kro data.grf and rdata.grf

Size: 386 MB | Attention: Only download this if you have latest KRO data and rdata!

DreamcastRO_LITE - Google Drive | DreamcastRO_LITE - Mega

STEP 2 - Register

Once you download our client, if you don't have one account yet, create one here

STEP 3 - Have Fun

Hey, that's all we want from you, be very welcome to Dreamcast RO